London BiFest


Throughout the day:


Time Session Room 1 Session Room 2 Craft Room


Introduction to BiFest


13:30 – 14:15

Speed Friending

Want to find more bi people to connect with? Want to find someone to go to a bi group with? This is the session for you. Have bite-sized chunks of conversation one-on-one and see who you platonically click with.

15-minute community slots

  1. The Bisexual Index and other resources
  2. Kingston LGBT Forum
  3. Healthwatch/SW London Health and Care Partnership

Happy Mail Craft Session

14:30 – 15:30

15-minute community session slots:

  1. Bi Pride UK
  2. Opening Doors
  3. Martha Robinson Rhodes
  4. Robin Rose Breetveld

The Outside Project: Masks and Labels (runs from 14:15-15:45)

Making silly masks whilst talking about how and why people hide their true selves and why labels/identity/representation is important

General crafts

15:45 – 16:45

15-minute community session slots:

  1. the Queer Black and POC Geek Group
  2. Mermaids
  3. Polyday
  4. BiCon


It's easy to think we can't do anything about bisexual issues, and to feel powerless. Come to this session for some practical tips on how to get started in activism, reboot waning activism, and how to work together on bisexual projects.

Stitch Bi Stitch

17:00 – 18:00

No Stupid Questions Panel

Do you have questions you want to ask someone, but you’re worried you’ll offend someone or look silly? This is the place for you. Our panel will do their best to answer you and/or suggest further reading that will help. Questions can be asked during the panel, or written down and given to the registration desk beforehand.

15-minute community session slots:

  1. No Pride in War
  2. Amnesty International LGBTI
  3. The Outside Project/Stonewall Housing
  4. G(end)er Swap

Blackout Poetry

18:00 – 22:30: drinks at The Albion with the Kingston LGBT Forum, plus Sutton and Kingston Healthwatch interviews at the Kingston Quaker Centre. The Albion is just on the right as you come out of the Kingston Quaker Centre. We have tables booked in the garden. The pub has a ramp and disabled toilets.


Between 13:00-15:00:

Between 15:30-17:30:

Throughout the afternoon:


Amnesty International LGBTI
Dedicated to campaigning for the human rights of people on the basis of their sexual orientation and gender identity:
Bisexual Index (and other bi activist groups)
Marcus Morgan is the director of the Bisexual Index, one of the UK's leading bisexual campaigning groups:
Bi Pride UK
The UK's first Bi Pride is an event for all people who experience attraction beyond gender:
BiCon is the UK's annual bisexual weekend event, held in a different city every year:
G(end)er Swap
LGBTQI+ clothing outreach initiative that creates safe(r) spaces for gender nonconforming individuals to access clothes. Our safe(r) spaces are created through traveling clothing swaps, pop up locations and workshops for the queer community:
Healthwatch/South West
London Health and Care Partnership Partnership between the NHS, local councils and the voluntary sector in south west London to deliver better care for local people:,,
Kingston LGBT Forum
Socials and support for the LGBT community in Kingston and environs:
London Bi Meetup Group
Large group with regular socials:
Martha Robinson Rhodes
PhD researcher working on an oral history of bisexuality and multiple-gender-attraction in 1970s and 1980s Britain, keen to speak to people about their experiences and memories of this time':
Family and individual support for gender diverse and transgender children and young people:
No Pride in War and the Peace Pledge Union
Challenging militarism, promoting nonviolence, educating for peace:,
Opening Doors
Charity providing information and support services specifically for older Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans people:
Outside Project/Stonewall Housing
LGBT homelessness support and campaigning:,
Parliament's LGBT group:
The largest event in Europe on polyamory, Relationship Anarchy and other forms of non-monogamy:
Queer Black and POC Geek Group group for queer black and POC geeks
Robin Rose Breetveld
Researcher studying how bisexual people experience their interactions with the wider LGBT+ community, and how they feel like they belong within these (and other) communities:
Provides informed choices about health, including sexual health, emotional resilience and wellbeing, with a focus on diverse and marginalised communities:
Sweet Needle Designs - Karen
Karen's queer and geeky crafts:
Transmasculine London/TransPals
Transmasculine London offers transmasculine and non-binary peer to peer support and TransPALS is a social support group for trans people across South London:,
Tumbled and Sewn
Annie McIntyre's queer crafts:
Wandsworth LGBT Forum
Socials and support for the LGBT community in Wandsworth:

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