London BiFest

Draft programme

This is the current programme of events for 2019 (updated April 2).

Throughout the day:

Venue rules

No smoking. No food and drink (except water) in the session rooms or the quiet room. No gambling. No alcohol.


Time Session Room 1 Session Room 2 Craft Room


Introduction to BiFest

Hosted by Katy


13:30 – 14:15

Speed Friending

Want to find more bi people to connect with? Have bite-sized chunks of conversation one-on-one and see who you platonically click with. Run by Sally.

Neurodivergent Discussion Space

A space for neurodivergent (autistic/ADHD/bipolar etc.) people to come together and discuss community, relationships or anything else we want. This space is intended for neurodivergent people (including those who are self-diagnosed or questioning). Run by Jude.

Stitch Bi Stitch

A relaxed meetup for queer people who enjoy crafting. Run by Lois.

14:30 – 15:15

Coming Out as Bisexual

A facilitated discussion about coming out (and out again and out again…) as bisexual. Run by Gillian.

Bi community spaces

Where can bisexuals go? What spaces and events are available for us in London and elsewhere? And how can LGBT spaces be more welcoming? Hosted by John from the London Bi Meetup Group and Charlie from the Kingston LGBT Forum.

General crafts

15:30 – 16:15

Sheltering under the LGBT+ Umbrella.

How can we make sure the rest of the alphabetti spaghetti doesn't get wet? Run by Paula Goodwin of TransPals and Croydon Pride.

Getting Bi at 50+

Volunteers from Opening Doors London, the biggest provider of services and support for LGBT+ over-50s, lead a workshop on ageing. What are our hopes, our fears and our lived experiences of older age? Let’s talk! All ages welcome; priority to over-50s. Run by Louise & Lisa from ODL.

Mandala Messages

A gentle space to write an affirming message to yourself to take home, decorated with a mandala. Run by Annie.

16:30 – 17:15


It's easy to think we can't do anything about bisexual issues, and to feel powerless. Come to this session for some practical tips on how to get started in activism, reboot waning activism, and how to work together on bisexual projects. Run by Marcus Morgan of the Bisexual Index.


Do you have questions about bisexuality, gender, relationships etc but you don’t know who to ask? Our panel will do their best to answer them. Panel chaired by Gail.

Blackout Poetry

Run by Harris T. Take a newspaper or magazine and a black pen, and create your own poetry.

17:30 – 18:00

Relaxation Techniques

Mental health is a serious issue within the bi community. Learn some simple relaxation techniques you can use to help with stress and anxiety. Run by Simon.



18:15 onwards: drinks at the Spring Grove pub nearby with the Kingston LGBT Forum. Meet outside the Quaker Centre at 6pm and a Forum member will take you there (or you can make your own way).

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